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So I’m on my way to catch my bus, and half way down the block, I see the bus go by.  Now, normally I wouldn’t freak out too much, I can get another bus in 15min.  But no, today is Saturday, so buses come every half hour.  I speed walk to a different route, and phoned the busline, but that bus isn’t come for 10 mins, plus I gotta still take the LRT and then transfer again.  I can’t be late today.  So I walk back home (I basically did a lap around a block) and phoned a taxi to pick me up there, cause it’s the only address I know.  He came at 7:51am, and got me to work at 8:21am, just in time for work at 8:30am. 

Fast Forward to end of day, I get to stay 45min late (yay overtime money) because we had an euthanasia.  I’m so glad I don’t work for the next two days. 

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