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IDW Transformers December solicits [x]

More Than Meets the Eye #36:

  • (W) James Roberts (A) Alex Milne (CA) Nick Roche
    OUTLAWS! Before the war, Orion Pax was part of the Establishment-until a friend opened his eyes to the truth behind the lies and he vowed to overthrow the system. Now, it seems as if his newfound enemies are willing to go to any lengths to see him dead-even if it means waiting four million years…

The Transformers #36:

  • (W) John Barber (A/CA) Andrew Griffith
    DAYS OF DECEPTION! All-out war erupts on the streets of Tokyo when PROWL finally gets his hand on the one human he wants to get revenge on… and when PROWL gets revenge, it’s never pretty.

Drift: Empire of Stone #2:

  • (W) Shane McCarthy (A/CA) Guido Guidi
    ONCE A DECEPTICON! DRIFT’s past comes back to haunt him, as RATCHET tries to drag him back to the Lost Light. But alone on a far-off world, DRIFT’s honor demands he stand his ground!

I hope Prowl drives over Spike. Or steps on him. Or both.

Also Roooolller /)QuQ(\


Bagel tries to remember all her Halloween costumes

  • Before School:  I know one year I went as a Jungle/Safari explorer.  I had a safari hat, binoculars, and a cute tshirt with animals on it.  I also think I was a rabbit once..
  • Kindergarten: Witch I think
  • Grade 1: Arabian Princess
  • Grade 2: …I have no idea….
  • Grade 3: Dalmatian
  • Grade 4: Ninja
  • Grade 5: A hobo (yeah…)
  • Grade 6: Padme’s costume when she was on tatooine
  • Grade 7: Green M&M
  • Grade 8: Cowboy
  • Grade 9: Dead Red Riding Hood
  • Grade 10: Homestar Runner
  • Grade 11: Pirate
  • Grade 12: Viking
  • 2006: Swamp Monster
  • 2007: Indiana Jones
  • 2008: Optimus Prime
  • 2009: Nothing, I think, just wore my Bumblebee helmet
  • 2010: Thor
  • 2011: Cleopatra
  • 2012: Rosie the Riveter
  • 2013: Pretty sure it was nothing…
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